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‘Rabindra Mahavidyalaya’, affiliated to the University of Burdwan officially started its journey on and from 8th November, 1971 and the dream of making an enlightened, informed and confident local community became a reality.

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College Administrative Building

College Administrative Building

From the Teacher in Charge’s Desk

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The vision whether individual or that of an institution is like an ideal. But clearly, it gives us a sense of direction. “Making an enlightened, informed and confident local community” is the vision our college which truly enshrines a collective aspiration of an essentially rural populace that once dreamt of education as a viable means of social progress and that precisely brought this college into being in less than half a century ago. The year was 1971. The college was named after Tagore and from a humble beginning Rabindra Mahavidyalaya has become an institution of higher education that commands a sense of admirable respect in the minds of the local residents.

Tagore had his vision of a cosmopolitan brotherhood based on a steady exchange of educational means and cultural values between India and the rest of the world and it materialized in the birth of Visva Bharati. Our small college with all its myriad aspects of rural backwardness in a way truly follows in the path of Rabindranath.

As an agency of higher education, it brings in the blessings of advancement and the benefits of enlightenment so that the people that live in and around Champadanga may gain into confidence and may try to be at par with other, more advanced sections of the society, traditionally known and respected for their greater quantum of achievement. Given the situation, the growing health of the college since the days of its inception is enough testimony of its socially vital role of continually adding to the information-base of the local community to enable it to look beyond its basically agro-based economy and ethos. This in itself is no mean achievement. In tandem with the vision, we also have a mission. The mission of this college is succinctly expressed in the Sanskrit adage of “Vimuktasya vimuchyate” that originally occurred in Vishnu Sahasranam. This pertains to the highest attribute of a ‘liberated man’: a liberated soul can attain to a state of perfection through a continual exercise of his or her sense of liberty. ‘Jnan’ or ‘Knowledge’ is the only means by which this rare quality of freedom may be gained. A past wisdom thus re-combined with the present task of knowledge-gathering and dissemination may make our mission a truly unique and an appropriate one bringing us ever closer to the vision already detailed above.

As an approved way of getting the benchmark at the national level, the college had applied for quality assessment by the NAAC and was accredited with Grade-‘B’ in the year 2006. College is going to have re-accreditation (Cycle-II) on 6th and 7th February-2017. All our hands are on deck and keeping in mind the tough task ahead, we, the teachers, non-teaching staff and the whole community of students are geared under the supervision of Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC) to obtaining an all round development and excellence deemed necessary for the difficult stage of preparation prior to the process of re-accreditation.

The Governing Body of the college is duly approving the measures thus undertaken by IQAC to reach out to our desired goal. Likewise, the Students’ Council is also playing a very supportive role in implementing the policies tuned to bring in a positive change in the institutional environment.

The local community, as ever, is proving to be a backbone to our present endeavor while the guardians and leaders among the village folk are lending a very helping hand to us. And in this context, the vibrant body of alumnus is giving an all-very-necessary support. However, the real task lies ahead. All our efforts, undertaken so far, will be put to an acid test. And thus, we strive forward with a sense of growing confidence that years of hard grind have taught us over the course of time.