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General Information

  • The institution offers undergraduate degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce under the affiliation of the University of Burdwan. Degrees are offered for both Honours and General courses.
  • According to the guidelines framed by the University of Burdwan, a student must attend at least 75% of the classes to appear as a regular student in the final examination.
  • Students having attendance less than 75% will have to pay a fine as specified by the institution at the time of filling up of forms (if permitted).
  • Students should keep the college campus clean.
  • Students must not loiter in the verandha in front of the running class rooms.
  • Every student should bring with him/her Identity Card and present it when required.
  • Students are directed to go through the Notice Board regularly.

Registration & Enrolment

Every new student must fill up the registration form with prescribed fees generally in the month of August every year.

Form fill up for B.U. Examination

Generally, students are to fill up forms for Part-I, Part-II & Part-III Examinations as per the time-schedule published by the University. Students will have to pay University Examination Fees as per the rates declared by the University which will be notified in due time. Honours students must obtain a minimum qualifying mark in the unit tests. They will also have to get a certain percentage of attendance. Otherwise, students will not be allowed to fill up forms for Part-I, Part-II & Part-III Examinations.

Admit Card

Students are required to collect their identity cards duly signed by the administrative authority of the college. Students must keep identity cards with them within the college premises.

Identity Cards

Students are required to collect their identity cards duly signed by the principal of the college. Students must keep Identity Cards with them within the college premises.

Internal Examination

    • Generally, two Unit Tests will be taken for Honours Courses and one Unit Test for General Courses.
    • Departments will take Unit Tests at suitable time on the basis of syllabus modules.
    • Preparatory Test Examination for Part-III (Honours & General) will be held in the months of February-March.
    • Test Examination for Part-I (Honours & General) & Part-II (Honours & General) will be held in the month of March.
    • In case of absence in Unit Test and Test/Preparatory Test Examinations due to illness, medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner must be produced during the examination period. No medical certificate will be entertained after the examination period.
    • On the basis of their performance in Unit Tests & Test/Preparatory Test Examinations and the attendance in classes, students will be sent up for B.U. Final Examinations.


Remedial Classes

Arrangements of Remedial Classes will be made for SC/ST and minority community students subject to availability of fund from University Grants Commission.


Students of this college can avail this opportunity once in a year. Tours for Geography and Bio-Science Departments are organized as a part of their curriculum. Requisite fees as decided by the departments must be deposited at the time of excursion. Students must submit their field record and collected specimen (if required by the departments) with proper field data.