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Departmental History

The Department of Botany, is one of the promising science section of college. It is acknowledged for its academic merit and significantly inspiring co-curricular activities. It was established in 1984 with a simplified general course curriculum and a strength of only 15 students under the team of Dr. Rama Dutta (Faculty), Mr. Sarbasish Banerjee (Lab instructor) and Mr. Tarak Das Banerjee (Lab attendant). Gradually, the department gained momentum with the enthusiastic departmental staff members and commenced the first Honours batch in 1998 under the supervision of Dr. Rama Dutta and Dr. Supratik Ganguly. Currently, the department is in its full swing with almost 45 Honours students, General stream students, enthusiastic and encouraging teaching and non-teaching staff members.

At present, the department is under the headship of Dr. Jayita Saha (Assistant Professor). Other team members are Dr. Shelly Sinha and Dr. Sumanti Gupta (Assistant Professor), Mr. Swagato Mukherjee and Mr. Aryya Das (SACT), Mr. Sarbasish Banerjee (Graduate Lab Instructor) and Mr. Debabrata Pandit and Mrs. Subrata Adak (Lab attendent).

The department has two laboratories and is equipped with compound microscopes, simple microscopes (Standard), binocular microscope (Olympus), laminar flow chamber, autoclave, hot air oven, digital balance, and a water bath. The department is also furnished with a well-documented specimen archive containing diverse algae, bryophyte, pteridophyte, gymnosperm, and herbarium specimens) and a computer lab for facilitating our students to acquire the E-resources and have their bioinformatics related practical sessions.

Department organize many events like, career-counselling, mentoring, educational excursion, local field visit, quiz, wall-magazine publication, special day celebrations, student seminar, parent-teacher meeting etc. per academic session.