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The College made its beginning in the year 1971. Immediately after that the General Course in English as part of the Bachelor of Arts Curriculum under the University of Burdwan made its inception in the academic year 1972-73 vide order no. IC/AFF(P)/48/614/72 dated 22/12/1972 with a roll strength of 20 (twenty). Prof. Chittaranjan Das was the first Head of the Department who continued in the same capacity till March 2008. This moderate beginning finally paved the way for a full-fledged Honours Course in English in the academic year 1985-86 vide order no. IC/Affin/P/48/149/85 dated 04.10.1985. In the meantime, the faculty strength increased and Prof. Asoke Batabyal joined the Department. The creation of the third post enabled Dr. Sukriti Ghosal to join as the youngest member of the Department. However, Dr. Ghosal got transferred in the year 1998 while Prof. Das and Prof. Batabyal served their full terms only to retire in the year 2008. At present, the roll strength of the Honours Course runs well above 150 (one hundred and fifty) comprising three years of students. Given the rural background of the college, the results at the University level Examinations are pretty creditable with students notching up first class at a regular interval.  Dr. Prasanta Bhattacharyya, a veteran faculty member, is the present Principal of the college. Prof. Basabi Pal is the present HOD. Prof. Ambalika Biswas, Asst. Professor  and Prof. Soma Nandi, State Aided College Teacher, are other faculty members of the department.  The third post of a full time teacher still lies vacant. The Dept. arranges Cinema Shows, Educational Tours, Students' Seminar, Departmental Quiz, Counselling and Mentoring as part of extra-curricular activity. A Wall Magazine named ‘Literati’ enables the students to indulge in their creative activities. The yearly observation of the Teachers’ Day that always turns out to be a gala event for students and teachers alike goes to showcase a unique cohesion between the faculty and the pupils that till date remains to be one of the distinguishing features of the Dept. of English.  As part of the institutional dynamics reflective of new trends and changes in the realm of education, the Department is geared up to keep pace with the developmental initiatives tuned to take the college to new heights of achievement and excellence.