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In terms of D.P.I. West Bengal’s Memo No. ED-435/96 dated 31/7/96 the Vice Chancellor of University  of  Burdwan  has  been pleased to grant provisional extension of affiliation in Defense studies (Pass) with effect from the academic session 1996-97 with an intake  of  50(fifty) students.  The carpet area of the department is approx 80 Sq. ft.  Initially, Sri  Dulal Chandra Mal, M.A. in Pol. Sc. (N.C.C. Major)  a guest teacher acted as H.O.D of the department, Dr. Malayendu Maity – M.A.(Military Science) Ph.D. , joined in  1998 and continued  upto 2006 and  Dipankar Jana ,  M.A. (Military Studies)  who joined in  2006 as Part time teacher  and now acting as H.O.D. of this department. Non-teaching staff : Gobinda Chandra Mondal – B.Com.(NCC ‘C’ Certificate)1996- 2013. Dinabandhu Singharay –B.Com. -2014 till date.  Student Strength: Year  2011-12-154, 2012-13-167, 2013-14-190, 2014-15 -199 Departmental  is fully equipped  with all sorts of Equipment & Maps like  total pistol model-14,Comaps- 13, Tank model- 11, Kaman- 6, Plane-13, Helicoptar-2, Durbin-I, Lesser light-1, Sand Model-2set,Morter-5, Air rifle-9, Rifle Model-4, Granade Model-1, Map-30, Computer set-1, Almirah-1, Wall rack-2.