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Extra – Curricular Activities

National Cadet Corps (NCC) & National Service Scheme (NSS.)

College NCC Troups

College NCC Troups

After the independence of India in 1947, NCC was introduced by the Central Government. Our college opted for NCC Programme for our boys in the senior division of the Army Wing. Girl Cadets are also included in our NCC Company.

The Education Commission (1964-66) headed by Dr. D.S. Kothari recommended that students at all stages of education be associated with some form of social service. After several debates and discussions, the Union Education Minister in 1969, with the support of University Grants Commission, launched the programme of NSS in the colleges.

Our college has arranged for NSS and NCC programmes. There are three units of NSS with three hundred students and one company of NCC. Students should join either NSS or NCC. But, in no case, they will be allowed to join both the programmes.


nss 1 day camp

nss 1 day camp

nss 7days camp

nss 7days camp

NCC Office

Lt. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Company Commander


NSS Office

Atanu Das, NSS Programme Officer

Subrata Roy, NSS Programme Officer

Haripada Dhara, NSS Programme Officer


Games & Sports

The College offers extensive sports facilities to the students. Outdoor games include Football, Cricket, Athletics, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, Archery and Handball. Indoor games include Carom and Gymnastics. There is a Multi-gymnasium in our campus for the use of the students.

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Sports Achievements in Academic Year 2014-15



Men:- 200m run-1st,100m run-2nd,H.J-3rd, S.Put-2nd&3rd,Dis-2nd, Jav-2nd. Women:- 100m run-2nd,200m run-2nd, 400m run-1st,800m run-2nd, B.J-3rd, H.J-1st&2nd, S.Put-2nd,Dis-3rd,Jav-1st&3rd. Men:- Group Champion.

Women:- Group Champion.

Hooghly District Inter College Athletics Championship 2015, Organised by Education Directorate, Govt. of W.B.
Champion Hooghly District Inter College Football Championship 2015, Organised by Education Directorate, Govt. of W.B.
Champion Hooghly District Inter College Badminton Championship 2014,Organised by Education Directorate, Govt. of W.B.
Champion Inter collegiate Cricket Tournament Organised by B.U. Sports Board.
Women:- High jump-1st, 400m run-1st, 200m Run-1st ,100m run-1st ,800m-3rd    4x100mts Relay race-1st.

Women:- Group Champion.

Men:-200mrun-1st, 100m run-2nd               T.J-1st&2nd, S.Put-1st, Jav-2nd,   Dis-2nd  . 4x100mts Relay race-1st.

Men:- Group Champion.

Inter collegiate Annual Athletic Meet. Organised by B.U. Sports Board.



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Under the guidance of the Teachers, Students’ Union organizes Freshers’ Welcome Programme, Annual Social Programme, Annual Sports, Cultural Competitions and other cultural programmes.